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Virginia-Nordic Precision Neuroscience II – Oslo, Norway, 19-21 September 2018:

From discovery to translation and innovation

Venue: Main Auditorium, Rikshospitalet / Oslo University Hospital

Precision Neuroscience Defined: The opportunities and challenges of designing and implementing targeted diagnostics and therapeutics for individual genotype/phenotype manifestations of neurological and psychiatric disorders.



This second VNPN meeting is a continuation of the first VNPN, organized in Roanoke, Virginia, USA, October 2016  http://vnpn.org/   Talk videos 2016



The vision of the VNPN is to foster advancement in neuroscience-based precision medicine, including diagnosis and treatment founded on in-depth knowledge of brain mechanisms and their variation depending on genetics/epigenetics and environment. This purpose shall be served by a trans-Atlantic collaboration along the Virginia-Nordic axis, enhancing innovation and commerce both in the USA and in the Nordic countries. (The VNPN initiative was in the portfolio of the Prime Minister of Norway at the recent summit meeting with the President of the USA.)


Co-organizers are the University of Oslo, Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital, and Oslo University Hospital in Norway, together with Virginia Tech in the USA. The meeting includes invited speakers from the US and Nordic countries. The meeting lasts from Wednesday morning until Friday afternoon, with a get-together reception at Oslo City Hall, hosted by the Mayor of Oslo, on Wednesday and a festive dinner on Thursday evening, 20 September 2018.


The meeting comprises sessions where researchers of varying seniority give concise talks on related themes. There are Panel Discussions on Thursday "Prospects of innovation for global brain health" and Friday "Future of precision neuroscience". Participants are encouraged to bring posters, which will be on display throughout the meeting. On Thursday, there are flash-presentations of posters and selection of “Best Poster”. For optimum interaction, speakers are invited, as far as possible, to stay for the whole three days


The meeting is open to all. It is ideal for trainees and students for Master and PhD degrees, and particularly for physicians and other professionals specializing in brain disorders (50% registration rate for trainees/students). Although the heading is ‘neuroscience’, a wide range of mutually interrelated themes is covered.



Featured Key-Note Speaker: Nobel laureate Edvard I Moser (NTNU, Trondheim).



Organizers’ task-force:

Linda H Bergersen (Oslo & Copenhagen, Chair), Clive Bramham (Bergen), Mike Friedlander (Roanoke VA), Tor Haugstad (Oslo), Hal Irvin (Roanoke VA), Jon Storm-Mathisen (Oslo)


Adviser on Transatlantic Scientific and Industrial Collaboration:

Jostein Mykletun, PhD, Norwegian Consul General & High North / Arctic Ambassador (ret)



Sponsors include:

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UiO: Life 
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Norwegian Health Association
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Nansen Neuroscience Network
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The Kavli Foundation USA
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The Research Council of Norway
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The Nowegian Academy of Science and Letters
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The City of Oslo
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Karolinaska Institutet
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Virginia Tech
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Carilion Clinic
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Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia
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US Embassy Oslo
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Innovation Norway
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Abbvie Inc.
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Sanofi Genzyme http://www.ms-guiden.no/
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University of Oslo